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  • colourful dress up
  • beach australia photograph jy
    Diamond Bay in Sorrento, Victoria.
  • old town store image jy
    Groovy little cafe shop in Shepparton. Photoshop was used to correct faded signage in the image.
  • usa bike photograph capture
    Special touch, over 300,000 motorcyclists supporting the Vietnam Veterans in Washington USA.
  • beach photo jenny ymer
    Photograph taken at Gunnamatta Beach, Mornington Peninsula Victoria.
  • hippo animal photography ymer
    Big mouth at Werribee Open Range Zoo.
  • shed photo ymer image
    Abandoned shearing shed at my sisters place in Invergordon, Victoria.
  • truck jy photography capture
    Valley Star fruit truck in Shepparton, washed and ready to go.
  • car photography Collingwood
    The Beast was shot in front of Vanbars in Collingwood. Came up beautifully in black and white.
  • spider web fine art photography
    An intricate spider web captured dripping with dew
  • lorikeet-portrait-animal-bird
    One of the lorikeets that come to feed in my garden.

A selection of images I have photographed over the years.
From cars, beaches, pets and animals, I have a variety of over 40,000 images in my stock library.